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Doctor of Physical Therapy


Clinical Education Overview

A Welcome Message from Dr. David Denton, Director of Clinical Education

Contact Info:
David J. Denton, PT, DPT, CIDN, CVT
Director of Clinical Education

Clinical Education Philosophy

Hanover College is dedicated to providing quality clinical education throughout the DPT Program. The academic faculty values the essential partnerships with clinical educational faculty in creating quality clinical education experiences. Integrated clinical education experiences during our lab immersions are concurrent with didactic course work. Clinical internships, in a variety of practice settings with exposure to patients across the lifespan, follow the completion of the didactic coursework and occur during the fourth through the sixth semesters of the program.

Hanover College's Clinical Education team has contracts across the country with both local entities as well as national contracts with some of the best-known names in the field.

Lifelong Learning

The academic and clinical education faculty strive to prepare clinicians to become autonomous and competent practitioners with the skills to advocate for optimal health, wellness and performance for all members of society. The emphasis on self-assessment, evidence-based practice, and professional development prepares Hanover College Doctor of Physical Therapy students to be skilled, reflective practitioners dedicated to lifelong learning, innovation, and service.

Hanover College's three Clinical Education clinical rotations comprised of 31 total weeks, prepare graduates for growth as a student physical therapist to a licensed job ready clinician.

Program Highlights

  • Our accelerated, two-year curriculum lowers student debt by allowing students to enter the workforce quicker.
  • Our program, based in Hanover, Indiana, with lab immersions near Louisville, KY, is accessible to those from rural, under-served areas and to students who have family responsibilities. Students can attend the Hanover DPT program without re-location and enjoy easy travel into the Louisville area from anywhere.
  • Our coursework allows an easy transition into real-world clinical applications through many of our clinical site placements across the country.

Students have the opportunity to complete their terminal clinical rotations anywhere in the country. Students can experience life in various areas of the country to help them decide where they want to practice upon graduation. Students are also strongly encouraged to take advantage of our many post-graduate residency program options with our clinical affiliates.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Hanover's Clinical Education team is proud to offer integration of state-of-the-art technology in selecting, communicating, and growing our program. Our software, powered by EXXAT, integrates with the CIET assessment tool to gauge student clinical progress and offers numerous training opportunities for both CI's and students.

The CIET assessment form is a time-saving, validated, and effective tool that compares students to other licensed clinicians. The CIET also interfaces and can be completed entirely online through the EXXAT software.

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